F4 US/F3 Americas Schedules; Scott Goodyear Named Race Dir.

INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 7, 2018)- The momentum of the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda and F3 Americas Championship Powered by Honda season continued with the announcement of the 2019 schedule at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show Friday in Indianapolis. The Championships’ powerhouse-schedules include supporting premier series like the IndyCar Series, NASCAR Xfinity and Formula 1.

The Championships’ new race director was also announced as eleven-time Indianapolis 500 starter and former ABC color commentator Scott Goodyear.

“We are very excited to kick off our 2019 season with, not only some stellar venues and events, but also to have Scott join our team,” said Sydney Davis-Yagel, SCCA Pro Racing Senior Manager of Race Operations. “Scott will be a real asset in race control and in the paddock. We are looking forward to working to expand the F4 U.S. and F3 Americas Championships in 2019 and beyond.”

Complete with the only North American application of the Halo safety device, a bump in performance to 303 horsepower from the Honda Civic Type R engine and new Hankook slicks developed specifically for the championship, F3 Americas opens its 2019 season at Barber Motorsports Park as the support race to the IndyCar Series during the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama April 5-7.

The tight turns and intense elevation changes of Road Atlanta will challenge the F4 U.S. field for its season four debut. The entry-level, cost-contained, open-wheel championship joins F3 Americas and Formula Race Promotions for a full weekend of formula racing April 18-20.

Both Championships break from racing in May and return to action June 21-23 at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. F4 U.S. and F3 Americas then travel to Virginia International Raceway with Formula Race Promotions July 26-28.

F4 U.S. returns to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the NASCAR Xfinity Mid-Ohio Challenge Aug. 8-10 before traveling south to Florida with F3 Americas to Sebring International Raceway Sept. 13-15.

The F4 U.S. Championship season concludes at Circuit of the Americas with Formula 1 during the United States Grand Prix Nov. 1-3. The sixth F3 Americas date will be announced at a later date.

During the press conference, Goodyear addressed his key objective for this season: help develop young drivers on and off the track in effort to create more green-flag racing.

“All world-class racers start at the grassroots level to forge a path to the top levels of motorsport,” said Goodyear. “Although some time ago, I can remember my first time I climbed inside the cockpit of a formula car – pure magic. The path today is the same, karts to cars, and the best first step for young racers is the SCCA Pro F4 U.S. and F3 Americas. My son, Michael, went from karts to F4 so I know the value in the series. I’m very excited to blend my time behind the wheel along with years training drivers to guide the young up and coming racers in the F4 and F3 Americas Championships.“

More information on the 2019 schedule and teams can be found at F4USChampionship.com and F3Americas.com.

F3 Americas 2019 Schedule
- April 5-7 Barber Motorsports Park with IndyCar Series
- April 18-20 Road Atlanta with F4 U.S and FRP
- June 21-23 Pittsburgh International Race Complex with F4 U.S.
- July 26-28 Virginia International Raceway with F4 U.S. and FRP
- Sept. 13-15 Sebring International Raceway with F4 U.S.
- Sixth Date TBA

F4 U.S. 2019 Schedule
- April 18-20 Road Atlanta with F3 Americas and FRP
- June 21-23 Pittsburgh International Race Complex with F3 Americas
- July 26-28 Virginia International Raceway with F3 Americas and FRP
- Aug. 8-10 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course with NASCAR Xfinity Series and Trans Am
- Sept. 13-15 Sebring International Raceway with F4 U.S.
- Nov. 1-3 Circuit of the Americas with Formula 1

About F3 Americas Championship:
The F3 Americas Championship Powered by Honda continues the evolution of affordable, competitive and technologically advanced open wheel racing that was established by the successful Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda that debuted in 2016. This next level of open wheel racing meets the demands of racers and teams looking to grow their capabilities into more sophisticated and powerful machinery. The F3 Americas Championship aligns with the global FIA development ladder philosophy of using common components to provide a cost-efficient, reliable, and powerful racing structure as drivers ascend through the levels on their way to U.S. or global racing success.

About the SCCA Pro Racing F4 U.S. Championship:
FIA F4 is designed as entry-level open-wheel racing for participants, around a contemporary, modern, cost conscious formula. SCCA Pro Racing and its chosen partners that embrace these ideals and support this vision with appropriate technology and products. The selected F4 powerplant is a production-based engine powering the Honda Civic® Type R®, tuned to meet FIA-mandated output of approximately 160 Hp. The engine and the ECU are sealed to provide parity and compliance.

About SCCA Pro Racing:
SCCA Pro Racing is a division of Sports Car Club of America, Inc. – a 60,000-member organization dedicated to motorsports events. SCCA Pro Racing provides full-service organization, operation and sanction for numerous professional racing series like F4 U.S. Championship and Trans Am. SCCA Pro Racing is a voting member of the Automobile Competition Committee of the United States (ACCUS) – the FIA delegate for this country.